Sumatra Orangutan Mandheling


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250 g bag | € 10.30
500 g bag | € 18.00
1000 g bag | € 33.00

The 100% Arabica coffee is shipped in a reclassable aroma bag.


The Sumatra has a strong spice and an exotic aroma. He is one of the most famous coffee worldwide. Sumatra “body” are extremely full, the acid - very typical - only exists discreetly.

The preparation “Semi Washed” is often operated on the basis of a lack of water and combines the properties of "Washed Coffee" and dry -prepared beans in terms of taste.

On the one hand, the Sumatra is characterized by a fine acidity, such as “Washed Coffee”. On the other hand, it shows similar properties in terms of sweet and body as "natural" beans.

Which grinding degree?

Coarse: filter coffee machine
Fine: portafilter