Rösle Snail | 27 cm


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If Cynthia likes to work with kitchen helpers, then with those of the Rösle brand.

Everyone who knows how important a good whisk is after Cynthia's recipes. Be it to mix the dry ingredients, the whisking of an egg and so much more.

We have three different whisks on offer. This is the greatest.

Product information

Due to the thin grip and the wide distances of the fine wires, dishes can be easily opened with liquid and semi -strength consistency and without much effort. Suitable for doughs, creams, sauces and soups.

With practical hanging effect.


LENGTH: 27.5 cm
6 cm
Handle length: 9.2 cm
Towers: 14.7 cm
Sour dough resistant: YES
NATURE: Stainless steel 18/10 Matt
CLEANING: Dishwasher