Pie & Tarteform | 2-part


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Made in England
...with love


25 years

The classic shape for sweet and hearty tartes, pies and quiches.

OneCynthia Barcomi KitchenwareBaking pan is a purchase for life - and beyond. Cynthia consciously chose aluminum because she knows how long -lasting it is. She even has aluminum baking tins from her grandmother!

And like Cynthia, you can also do yours laterCynthia Barcomi KitchenwareRed on baking molds.


The baking pan has solid, wavy sides and a removable floor. By slightly pressing on the floor, the finished pastries can be loosened quickly and easily from the mold.


    • Professional quality from anodized aluminum
    • Optimal heat distribution and non -stick effect
    • 25 years of guarantee
    • Made by hand in England
    • Easy handling for a perfect baking result


With its high conductivity, the material guarantees optimal and fast heat and cold distribution. For example, the pastries can be frozen in the baking pan and thawed without any problems.

You can safely cut on the baking tins. A knife can leave slight traces, but this does not damage the function of the baking pan.

The stainless, anodized aluminum offers an extraordinary non -stick effect without being coated.

To anodize baking molds made of aluminum, they are placed in an electrolytic bathroom and anodized by a current flow. This creates an oxide surface that protects the metal nucleus and makes it optimal performance.

About our manufacturer

Almost all of our baking tins are made by hand in England. A special partner with whom we have been working very happily since our foundation in 2009.

There was our manufacturer in England a change of ownership shortly before the pandemic.Shortly afterwards, Corona came, which caused production to stand up for about 4 months and then, due to strict corona, rules at work could only be continued with a minimal line -up.

Due to the Brexit, the acquisition of material on the world market was much more difficult and long waiting times.

Since the future or further cooperation with the manufacturer in England is uncertain, we are in contact with a new baking tin manufacturer in southern Germany. We suspect that we move production to Germany.

Quality comes first.

Because oneCynthia Barcomi KitchenwareBaking pan should be the last baking pan you will ever buy.


Variant 8 cm, 20 cm, 23 cm, 25 cm & 28 cm have a edge height of 3.5-4 cm

Variant 9 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm have a edge height of 1.5-2 cm

Question about the product?You are happy to reach us here in chat. We usually answer within a few minutes and personally. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to Post (a) cynthiabarcomi.com and we will help you there.



MATERIAL: Anodized aluminum
WARRANTY: 25 years
Land of origin: ENGLAND
Heat resistance: Up to 280 ° C
Sour dough resistant: YES
Scratch -resistant: You can safely cut on the baking pan. A knife can leave slight traces, but this does not damage the function of the baking pan.
CLEANING: We recommend washing the shape by hand.