MultiSize baking pan one -divider | 2-part


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  • Professional quality from anodized aluminum
  • Optimal heat distribution and non -stick effect
  • 25 years of guarantee
  • Made by hand in England
  • Easy handling for a perfect baking result through the anodization is sealed the aluminum and can therefore not get into the food. The use is absolutely safe.


2 one -divider for the multiSize baking pan.

So you can divide your multisize baking pan into other small shapes.



MATERIAL: Anodized aluminum
WARRANTY: 25 years
Land of origin: ENGLAND
Heat resistance: Up to 280 ° C
Sour dough resistant: YES
Scratch -resistant: You can safely cut on the baking pan. A knife can leave slight traces, but this does not damage the function of the baking pan.
Grease: YES
CLEANING: We recommend washing the shape by hand.
FURTHER INFORMATION: The set includes 2 inserts