MultiSize baking pan | 9-part


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Made in England
...with love


25 years

The multisize form is a real miracle miracle.

Depending on the need of the recipe or your wishes, this shape can be put together. Whether a big cake, two medium -sized, several small ones - whether bread, petit fours, brownies or cake!

Let your imagination run wild - because every angular shape can be shaped.


  • Multifunctional baking pan from Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware
  • Completely disruptible and space -saving to stow
  • Professional quality from anodized aluminum
  • Optimal heat distribution and non -stick effect
  • 25 years of guarantee and made by hand in England
  • The aluminum is sealed by the anodization and can therefore not get into the food. The use is absolutely safe.

The set includes 4 side parts and 4 one -divider - so you can divide the shape into up to 9 individual shapes.

Height of the form: 10 cm

The shape can conveniently be taken apart and thus enables easy cleaning and stowing a flat. A real space saver and to use so versatile.

With its high conductivity, the material guarantees optimal and fast heat and cold distribution. For example, the pastries can be frozen in the baking pan and thawed without any problems. You can safely cut on the baking tins. A knife can leave slight traces, but this does not damage the function of the baking pan.

The stainless, anodized aluminum offers an extraordinary non -stick effect without being coated.



MATERIAL: Anodized aluminum
WARRANTY: 25 years
Land of origin: ENGLAND
Heat resistance: Up to 280 ° C
Sour dough resistant: YES
Scratch -resistant: You can safely cut on the baking pan. A knife can leave slight traces, but this does not damage the function of the baking pan.
Grease: YES
CLEANING: We recommend washing the shape by hand.
FURTHER INFORMATION: 30 x 30 cm base plate + 4 side parts + 4 one -piece