French Vanilla Strawberry

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Are you already a fan of our French Vanilla Hazelnut Aroma Coffee?

Then we have the new spring version for you:

French Vanilla Strawberry!

Gentle vanilla with a touch of strawberry await you in our new spring aroma coffee.

250 g bag | € 9.90
500 g bag | € 16.90
1000 g bag | € 29.90

The 100% Arabica coffee is shipped in a reclassable aroma bag.

Suitable for any kind of coffee preparation, including fully automatic coffee machines.

You can prepare coffee and espresso-potions such as cappuccino, latte macchiato etc. with the aroma coffee.

What does flavored coffee mean?

Our flavored coffee is our classic, home -roasted Barcomi's plantation coffee - but refined with natural aroma fabrics.

The basis for this is our house blend(A blend from the Beans Tanzania (Typica Kilimanjaro), Colombia Excelso (Antoquia), Brasil Alfenas (Mundo Novo)).

You can use the refined beans without hesitation in every coffee machine and for every preparation.

There will be exclusively naturalAroma substances used - no sugar and not sweetened.



A great combination: mild roasted coffee, gentle vanilla and a touch of strawberry.

The roasted coffee beans are rolled in the respective natural aromas after roasting and thus get their certain something.