Colombia coffee decaffeinated


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The 100% Arabica coffee is shipped in a reclassable aroma bag.


Colombian decaffeinated coffee and espresso with robust acid.

How is our coffee decaffeinated?

In the CO2 procedure: The raw coffee is first moistened with water and then brought into contact in a container with under pressure, liquid carbon dioxide (under very strict conditions). While the CO2 moves through the coffee, the caffeine pulls out of the bean. The caffeine falls from the carbon dioxide in a evaporator, then the CO2 can be led back into the container for a new round until the desired remaining amount is reached. Then the circulation is stopped, the coffee dried gently until it has reached its original moisture content.

Unfortunately, the coffee loses a lot of its original aroma due to this editing. Nevertheless, our specialty roaster succeeds in a long -term torture process, which treats the bean as gently as possible to maintain or 're -enact as possible, so that in the end an enjoyable, digestible, decaffeinated roast coffee arises.

Which grinding degree?

Coarse: filter coffee machine
Fine: portafilter