Baking course | New Year's brunch


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Date and Time:Sunday, 12/27/2020 | 10:00

Location: Online-you will receive the link from us in advance by email

Duration: approx. 2 hours

"After the last digital baking courses were such a success and, above all, so much fun Have done, I thought - what could be done better in a lockdown than a baking course?! " - Cynthia

Topic this time: New Year's brunch

In a live baking show you make hearty pluffins & a spread (spread) with Cynthia.

Everything at home near Cynthia in the kitchen - accompanied with a professional camera work.

You will receive the recipes in advance so that you can bake / cook in parallel with Cynthia if you want.

Select between different options:

1) Live Baking Show with Cynthia | Only the show + recipes
2) Live Baking Show with Cynthia + French rolling wood
3) Live Baking Show with Cynthia + Standard Muffinform

Orders of options 2 and 3 receive a package every few days before the event!

    Cynthia is looking forward to a great workshop with you!

    Limited to 100 tickets.

    Each ticket is valid for one person. If you would like to take part in the baking course for several people, please buy a ticket each.

    Pastries Photo © Maria Grossman from "Modern Baking"
    Spread Photo © Maja Smend from "Cookbook for Fixed"