Set Prep Baking Book & Mepal Storage Containers

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The perfect set of Cynthia's new book! And it turns in Prep baking Book of recipes that can all be kept or prepared.

Of course, the storage cans tailored to the book should not be missing.

You get two fantastic rectangular Mepal storage cans in sizes 750 ml and 1,500 ml. These are both great sizes for frostings / butter creams, dough and sourdes - everything you can find in this new book by Cynthia.

Both storage cans are provided with the beautiful Cynthia Barcomi Logo.

Why has Cynthia opted for rectangular containers? "Rectangular containers are simplePerfect For storage in the refrigerator or in the Froster. They are space -saving and practical! "

The article image of the storage cans is currently only a preview. Real images will follow soon. 

Special features | Storage cans
    • Microwave -compatible, freely suitable for frozen and dishwasher
    • Leak -proof
    • Airtight
    • Aroma
    • Lid with a viewing window
    • 100% BPA-free


 | Storage cans

The Cynthia Barcomi X Mepal Storage cans can be used in many ways. Thanks to the rectangular shape, you can now optimally use the space in your refrigerator or freezer.


Cynthia Barcomi X Mepal Storage cans Incidentally, can be used directly from the freezer or refrigerator in the microwave (without lid). Everything warmed up? Then you can put the chic bowls on the table for serving.

The rectangular bowls can be cleaned with the dishwasher as normal after use. And when everything is clean again, the bowls including the lid can be stacked in a space -saving manner. For more space in the kitchen cabinet!


Cynthia Barcomi X Mepal Storage cansare Refrested as well as air and aroma light. This means that foods remain fresh for a long time.

Another advantage: Due to the transparent lid of the

Cynthia Barcomi X Mepal Storage cans You can see at a glance what you still have cool or freezer!


MATERIAL: Polypropylene (PP), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
WARRANTY: 25 years
Land of origin: DENMARK
Heat resistance: Up to 110 ° C
Sour dough resistant: YES
Dishwasher resistant: YES
Microwave festival: YES
Freezer: YES

Appearance date: October 6, 2022

In the last book, the books even arrived before the release date!

As always, all books that are ordered through the online shop by Cynthia are happy to be handled - personalized by name.

About prep baking

With Backqueen Cynthia Barcomi, bake something quickly!

Cynthia Barcomi Revolutionizes the way we bake: With the principle of the Prep Baking, they prepare doughs and glazes in peace in stock To be stored in the fridge or in the freezer so you can bake what you want and when you want it. With the over 70 tried and tested recipes succeed Books, cakes, breads, tarts and even sourdough In no time at all and you can spontaneously spontaneously spontaneously spontaneously guests and your own palate.

Do you fancy a back Quickie? Homemade delicacies whenever you want

Who does not know that? Spontaneously, good friends come by or suddenly one of the big cookie hot hungry. Cynthia Barcomi has developed the right baking method for such cases: with fresh dough recipes that can be kept or freezed without any problems and freezing quick recipes can be conjured up delicious pastries at any time. The celebrated TV back queen demonstrates relaxed and delicious with more. As 70 fine baking recipes, how it works! Of the Basics of baking over fast cakes, cookies, breads, flash puff pastry and frosting as well as gluten -free and vegan recipes the baking book leaves nothing to be desired. Enjoyment guaranteed!

Baking mixture!

• Bake fresh more often without having to make the dough again every time

• More than 70 delicious recipes for cookies, small biscuits, doughs, decorations and more

• Delicious in less than 20 minutes, some even in less than 10 minutes

• All information and recipes staged in a colorful and atmospheric manner

• Tricks for everyday life with practical ideas for prep baking

Well prepared, baked quickly - with the sophisticated recipes of Cynthia Barcomi, the house is filled with the fragrance of delicious pastries!

224 pages, 189 x 246 mm, solid cover
Over 100 colored photos