Panama Boquete SHB Espresso Blend


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The latest Barcomi's Limited Edition Coffee.

We have only been able to get a few sacks of this top bean - it will only be in our range as long as we currently have in our coffee warehouse.

250 g bag | € 9.30
500 g bag | € 15.00
1000 g bag | € 26.40

The espresso is shipped in a re -lockable aroma bag.

This espresso consists of 60% Panama Boquete SHB, 20% Colombia Supremo Santander and 20% India Robusta Parchment Beans.


A dark roasted, bitter espresso mix. With beautiful bitter notes and dark chocolate. With little acidity.

Ideal suitable for fully automatic machines & hand lever machines.

With the addition “SHB” - Strictly Hard Beans. At over 1,600 meters If the beans grow slower, become denser and larger. Therefore, for the South American countries, the installation height is a quality feature.

The plantation Lerida Estate Is one of the oldest coffee plantations in Panama and is located in the heart of the Boquete Valley in the province of Chiriquí. The Boquete valley on the east side of the Barú volcano is still known for its rich biological floors and its biodiversity.

The plantation has a wonderful history of the creation in 1924 - as the first "official" coffee plantation of Panama.

Today is Lerida Estate in the possession of the families of Chiari and Amoruso. Two sisters lead that well: María and Sonia. While Maria set up the hospitality industry, Sonia temporarily stepped in after studying law to help her sister on the coffee farm. Almost ten years and many coffee experiences later, she now leads a modern farm in full harmony with the local community, the surrounding nature and its roots.