Honduras Espresso Blend | limited edition

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The espresso blend is shipped in a re -lockable aroma bag.

It exists too60% from Hondura's bean (Arabica), 20% Colombia Excelso (Arabica) and 20% India (Robusta).


This top bean impresses with its balanced taste, beautiful chocolate & roasted aromas and a fine acidity

The Hondura's bean comes from the El Dorado region, Santa Barbara and was harvested on the Farm Finca El Zapote.


The Santa Barbara region, in the west of the country, on the border with Guatemala, is the second largest coffee producer in the country.

Honduras offers a demanding environment for coffee cultivation: While the tropical climate in connection with the altitude is perfect, there is a lack of rich volcanic soils. In addition, the high humidity complains that the cultivation continues.

Don Santos Sagastume Enamorado is the owner of Finca El Zapote. El Zapote refers to a local fruit, sapote or soap apple.

Don Santos is a traditional coffee maker and has dedicated his whole life to this profession. Without the support of his now deceased wife and the lack of workers and his advanced age, he has his coffee area from ten to four hectares a few years ago

Which grinding degree?

Coarse: filter coffee machine
Fine: portafilter