Angel food cake shape


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    • Professional quality from anodized aluminum
    • Optimal heat distribution and non -stick effect
    • 25 years of guarantee
    • Easy handling for a perfect baking result through the anodization is sealed the aluminum and can therefore not get into the food. The use is absolutely safe.


Cynthia recommends this perfect Angel Food Cake form of the brandNordic goods

As it should be for a angel food cake shape, the shape consists of two parts because it has a removable soil.

This makes it particularly good to remove the cake from the shape. By the way, for a angel food cake the baking panNotGrease or cut in.

The baking pan consists on purpose of a somewhat thinner aluminum, unlike the baking tins from the Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware series.
The thin material is very crucial for a good baking result so that the heat (for the egg whites) is distributed very quickly.

With 4 cm long feet to let the cake cool perfectly.

25 cm diameter and 11 cm high.

3.7 l capacity.

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MATERIAL: Anodized aluminum
Fill volume :: 3.7l
Scratch -resistant: You can safely cut on the baking tins. A knife can leave slight traces, but this does not damage the function of the baking pan.
CLEANING: We recommend washing the shapes by hand. Many dishwasher cleaners contain caustic means that the forms can attack chemically. This does not affect the function of the baking tins, but can cause slight discoloration.